Although EatPlayDo is based in San Diego, we’ve done destination weddings including Santa Barbara. Distance does not distract us from the task at hand and that is planning your perfect day!

We know wedding planning can be stressful (and expensive!), so we are flexible based on a couple’s needs and budget. Below, you will find our packages. Please contact us for a quote.

All packages include twelve (12) hours of on-site services for the purposes of the event to be used for, but not limited to, the event itself, venue and vendor meetings and walk-throughs, and ceremony rehearsals. The following details additional levels of services needed by the client, and are subject to negotiation.


The Lite Package

The Lite Package provides the client with month-/day-of wedding planning services to assist in the transition from wedding planning to wedding having. Closer to the event, the client can pass on the coordination and execution of logistics so they may be stress-free for their special day. This package includes the following services:

Up to two months prior to event:

  • Unlimited email and phone consultations
  • One in-person consultations with the client per month
  • Contact, and build rapport with, all venues and vendors
  • Finalize and distribute Vendor Contact Sheet
  • Finalize and distribute day-of timeline and check-list
  • Do on-site walk-through with all vendors
  • Send reminders and finalize Concierge events, if applicable
  • Execute Concierge events, if applicable
  • Send reminders and finalize Rehearsal Event, if applicable
  • Execute Rehearsal Event, if applicable
  • Provide venue with diagram and seating arrangements and food preferences, if applicable

Day-of event:

  • Be day-of contact for all venues and vendors
  • Be present for major vendor set-up and strike
  • Ensure timely arrival and departure of vendors
  • Coordinate day-of timeline for all venues and vendors, including, but not limited to, photographer, caterer, rentals, florist, and entertainment
  • Execute day-of timeline for all venues and vendors, including, but not limited to, vendor placements, floral arrangement placements, seating charts, and vendor meals
  • Coordinate and execute ceremony rehearsal, if applicable, with bridal party
  • Greet and direct guests as needed, and ensure guest departure per venue’s contracted terms
  • Coordinate with client regarding other day-of preparations and special instructions


  • Execute Concierge events, if applicable
  • Ensure final payments to all vendors are honored in a timely manner
  • Provide feedback to all vendors regarding quality of services rendered
  • Ensure all services promised to the clients have been fulfilled in a timely manner


The Full Package

The Full Package provides the client with the coordination and execution of logistics for the event in its entirety, so that they may be stress-free in the months leading up to their special day. This package includes all services in the Lite Package as well as the following:

12 months to 2 months prior to event:

  • Research potential venues and vendors
  • Plan and execute site visits and meetings for potential venues and vendors, respectively
  • Assist in the selection and finalization of venues and vendors
  • Provide a planning calendar and check-list
  • Create a budget worksheet
  • Coordinate all venue-/vendor-related details and logistics


The Premium Package

  • Organize and implement Rehearsal Event (add’l fees may apply)
  • Organize and implement Concierge events (pre-/post-event excursions such as wine tastings, tours, etc.; add’l fees may apply)
  • Handle and manage the client’s guest list including, but not limited to, RSVPs, meal selections, food allergies, seating arrangements, and seating charts
  • Coordinate hotel block reservations and rate negotiations

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